Creating a Dementia Friendly Community in Honiton

People with dementia and their carers talk about the everyday challenges they face in living well with dementia. This can include difficulty using technology, getting appropriate service in shops, banks, post offices and hairdressers and in using transport, going on holiday and maintaining social contact and hobbies.

Although help from health and care services is vitally important, making it possible for people affected by dementia to live well requires help from people and organisations across our community.

Honiton is an active dementia friendly community that has been awarded the “Working to become dementia friendly “symbol by the Dementia Action Alliance. All groups and organisations accepted into the Honiton Dementia Action Alliance are awarded this symbol to display on their premises, paperwork and social media sites.

Why is dementia important to our community?

There are currently over 850,000 people living with dementia in the UK. Two thirds of these people live in the community and they, their family and carers are existing or potential customers and users of local services.

An estimated 22 million people in the UK have a family member or friend who has dementia. These people are more likely to support a company or group whom they know to be “dementia friendly”

51% of people caring for someone with dementia are still in work and might need support from their employers. Some existing employees may also develop dementia.

Honiton Dementia Action Alliance

Honiton Dementia Action Alliance brings together groups and organisations across our community committed to transforming the lives of people with dementia and their carers

Honiton DAA is attempting to bring about a community-wide response to dementia. Our purpose is to galvanise action by coordinating and supporting local groups and organisations to join the alliance.

How do we do this?

We do this by offering Dementia Friends awareness sessions, advising on and supporting dementia friendly activities, environments and policies and sharing these initiatives through our website and social media platforms.

Honiton DAA is about action via member organisations and our whole community committing to improve the lives of people living with dementia in Honiton including their carers and families.

Engaging young people – creating a dementia friendly generation

A third of young people know someone with dementia. With over two million people developing dementia in the next ten years, it is likely the majority of today’s young people will know someone affected by the condition in their lifetime.

By educating young people about dementia we can create a dementia friendly generation. Young people will then have increased confidence and understanding when communicating with people with dementia, helping to reduce social isolation and stigma for those living with dementia.

Honiton DAA offer Dementia Friends session for groups of young people.

Honiton Guides have taken up this offer and are now “Dementia Friends” with each young person pledging to do “one action” that will make a difference to someone living with dementia.

Honiton Community College 6th Form has a rolling programme of Dementia Friends sessions.

Students have the opportunity to attend Honiton Memory Café as volunteers and can in addition work on a specific Dementia Friendly project of their choosing.

This years’ student volunteers have become very popular with friends of the Memory Café with many interesting conversations happening over tea and cake.

For their project the students have taken “music and reminiscence” as a theme. This has involved speaking to everyone who attends the memory café about their favourite song or piece of music and what happy memories are attached to it. They have then produced a personal Memory Café playlist which contains a happy memory for each person in the room and stimulates lively conversation and some singing too!

If you know of a group of young people who would like to become Dementia Friends please do get in touch.


Honiton Dementia Action Alliance

What we do

Our purpose is to galvanise action by coordinating and supporting local groups and organisations to join the alliance.

Who we are

Honiton Dementia Action Alliance is coordinated by a steering group who meet once a month.