Receiving a diagnosis of dementia can be a difficult and emotional time. The diagnosis may come as a shock or it might provide answers to the problems you, or someone close to you, have been having.

A diagnosis of dementia should not stop people being in control of their lives or doing many of the things they have always enjoyed.

Honiton Dementia Action Alliance endeavours to support people to remain independent, active and engaged, and fully involved in making decisions and choices for themselves, for as long as they can.

Through these pages we aim to provide you with up to date information about dementia, some suggestions on how to live well with dementia and details of local support services and dementia friendly organisations.


Help and support

Worried about your memory?

Memory Clinics aim to treat and support you to live well.

Living well with dementia

Living with dementia doesn’t mean a person has to stop doing everything they enjoy.

Local support in Honiton

Useful local contacts and dementia friendly organisations.


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Signs and symptoms

Recognizing Alzheimer’s disease and early warning signs for Dementia.

Other services

More information on other services coming soon.