Forget Me Not Life Story Service

This service compliments the Forget Me Not reminiscence service. We are a team of trained volunteers who are supported by a paid coordinator. The service is run by East Devon Volunteer Support Agency and funded by The Dunhill Medical Trust.

Life Story work is a 1:1 activity which takes place over a period of approximately 5-10 weeks . Volunteers or staff take time to record and preserve the details of a person’s life in a way that is meaningful and accessible to them. The finished Life Story item can take different forms depending on the needs of the individual.

Creating a Life Story Resource can have the following benefits:

  • Close personal 1:1 attention can improve mood
  • Review of life events can aid resolution and acceptance
  • Aids memory recall, by providing triggers
  • Provides touchstones for those with memory loss
  • Promotes more personal understanding and a friendly approach in care settings
  • Supports care plans by providing background information
  • Provides stimulation and comfort and creates a talking point

Life Story Books

A chronological record of a person’s most important life events in words and pictures presented in a loose leaf binder.

This form of Life Story is most appropriate for people who are able to recall and communicate well and have access to personal memorabilia and/or contact with supportive friends and relatives. They must be able to see and take pleasure in their book.

Life Story Boards

These boards are approx. 1m x 500cm and show in a very visual way life events, people and places using pictures, photo’s, maps and some writing. The information is all on display and this can help staff to quickly build rapport with a person without having to read their notes.

These are most accessible for people who may find reading difficult, loose concentration easily or find lots of writing confusing.

Life Story Boxes

These are personalised boxes decorated in a tactile way with the person’s name. They contain sensory items that the person will have a meaningful connection to, will help to stimulate positive reminiscence, and provide tactile activity and comfort.

These boxes are most accessible for people with more advanced memory loss, cognitive impairment, sight loss or with communication difficulties.

Talking Books

These are A5 size photo albums with a recording facility. They contain pictures and accompanying recordings of memorable sounds and where possible voices.

These are especially good for people with sight loss.

How and where do we work?

We work individually with a person over a number of weekly sessions, (approx. 4-10 sessions) lasting up to an hour; this can be in their own homes or in residential care setting.

Life Story work with us will cost in the region of £60- £150 depending on the type of resources chosen and number of sessions required. We have some bursaries available provided by donations. Contact the Coordinator if you would like to apply for one of these.

Forget Me Not Life Story Service

Coordinator: Gill Amos tel: 01404 549045

Funded by The Dunhill Medical Trust

Managed by EDVSA

Provides an enduring resource as an aid to memory recall, to stimulate positive emotions and provide comfort, to aid care planning and promote friendly approaches from care staff. It is also a lasting legacy often treasured by family and friends.


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