Many people become forgetful as they get older and find that they:

  • Lose things more often
  • Have difficulty recalling names
  • Cannot find the word they want
  • Forget what they were about to do.

There are many reasons why people experience memory problems. Commonly this is simply due to age, but sometimes it can be caused by other conditions. These can include stress or the early stages of a dementia – such as Alzheimer’s disease.

What does our service provide?

Memory Clinics are part of the Devon Memory Service. The clinics aim to discover the cause of your memory problem and to provide you with the appropriate information, support and treatment that you need to help you to live well and independently. If you require more information, please read the attached file here.


Help and support

Worried about your memory?

Memory Clinics aim to treat and support you to live well.

Living well with dementia

Living with dementia doesn’t mean a person has to stop doing everything they enjoy.

Local support in Honiton

Useful local contacts and dementia friendly organisations.


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Signs and symptoms

Recognizing Alzheimer’s disease and early warning signs for Dementia.

Other services

More information on other services coming soon.